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Packet Sender A user-friendly application that bundles a versatile engine for sending and receiving network packets u...
Size: 11 KB
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send winsock library Port winsock text string  
Inet2Com Converts TCPIP to serial port. Allows you to connect to a serial port via any IP based network. Great for remote router configuration or any custom serial needs. Comes complete with security to keep u
Size: 536K
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Serial Key serial port access serial port  
TCP Client TCP Client - Connect to any host on any TCP port, send data, and read the remote reply. Remembers the last host/port you used.
Size: 60 KB
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host VSTi Host client Port tcp Connect TCP Server TCP port  
VPortPro VPortPro - the VirtualPort Professional Utility
Size: 4.4 MB
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serial port serial Port Connect TCP Server  
COM port utility ReMapPro Connect to TCP/IP network via COM port
Size: 3.85 MB
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Connect TCP Server Connect IP Server TCP/IP port redirector  
Ponticulus A tool that will connect to a remote serial port.
Size: 107 KB
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connection Connect serial port remote connect remote port  

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WinRelay You can choose the port and IP it will listen on, the source port and IP that it will connect from, and the port and IP that it will connect to.
Size: 44 KB
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freight forwarder tcp HTTP Redirector Plug-in UDP  
2 Player Network Connect 4 Game This is a network version of my previous connect 4 game, users can connect over network or Internet to play. The program uses port 12121 just incase you need to enable the port.
Size: 241.23k
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Line Color  
ElephantPort You simply need to enter the port number, press the connect button, and the port is forwarded for as long as you need.
Size: 418.5K
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Connect Port forwarder forward port port forwarder  
FONC otherwise known as FTP Over Normal connections allows both active and passive FTP transfers via normal port connections. FONC is a tool that normalizes the connections so that SSH tunnels can secure ...
Size: 139 KB
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transfer FTP file transfer ftp transfer ssh SSH tunnel  
Virtual Serial Port SDK Other 3rd party applications can connect to this serial port and believe it is a normal physical port. In this way you can emulate all kinds of hardware normally connected to a serial port, emulate a ...
Size: 1.5 MB
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basic serial terminal  
Vista Media Center TCP/IP Controller You can use TELNET or any other socket client to connect and control (type HELP for a list of commands). For extenders, the port number is incremented so for the first extender the control port is 404...
Size: 541 KB
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controller tcp ip encode tcp-socket TCP-socket traffic